Managing Marketing Spend

Managing Marketing Spend
A collection of dashboards with industry-specific functionality that analyze current marketing spend and performance with insights on which actions product the most effective results.

The reporting in this system provides big-data informed insights on how to diversify ad spend, broaden reach, and capture more audience. Clients can analyze current performance, strategize on how to improve, and manage budget allocations and targeting for Google, Bing, Facebook, Hulu, YouTube, and a variety of other properties.

Cox has the most comprehensive sets of data in the automotive industry. This application uses advanced algorithms to turn this data into personalized, actionable recommendations and an easy-to-use interface for deep exploration. It became the primary showpiece to demonstrate how many different companies across Cox Automotive work together to provide value for our customers.

Inventory insights for ad content
Live advertising performance
Car shopper insights
Flow diagram of report connectivity and drill-in data

This software also guides users through the process of defining appropriate location-based and demographic-based goals, ensuring recommendations and insights are in line with business strategy and desired performance improvements.